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Vacation Rental Policies

We offer Special Rates during the months of November through March on participating houses 3 nights for 2!.  These specials do not apply from April – October or during holiday weeks.  Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years have four night minimums.  Please ask for information when you place your reservation. 
At the time you make your reservation, ½ of all rental charges are charged to your credit card.  Rental rates are subject to a 10% Marin County Tax. The second ½ of the rent is due 30 days prior to arrival.  Failure to make timely payments will result in a $25 late payment fee and/or cancellation of your reservation.  We accept Visa and MasterCard.
A Security Deposit will NOT be charged at the time of placing the reservation.  A $50 Damage Waiver fee is charged to your credit card at the time you place your reservation.  This waiver relieves you of costs for all unintentional and incidental damage to the rental property and its contents up to $1000.  This damage must be reported to the DBPM office prior to check out in order for the Damage Waiver to be in effect.  The Damage Waiver does NOT cover intentional damage, plumbing stoppages and/or extra cleaning.  
PETS - A charge of $150.00 for having a non-registered per-pet or a pet in a non-pet friendly home is in addition to the damage waiver.
Number of people at Rental Homes: The number a house sleeps is the Maximum number for that house day or night. You may not exceed that number unless written permission has been granted. There is a $150.00 fee per guest that will be charged to your Credit card immediately and extra guests must immediatly vacat the property. 4 cars Maximum Day or night with no on-street parking. Cars may be towed if parked on the street.
Should you find it necessary to cancel your reservation before 30 days of arrival; a $175.00 cancellation fee will be charged to your credit card.  The $35 processing fee is non-refundable (totaling $210.00) This cancellation fee applies the moment you make your reservation with us as we do not "hold" houses. Cancellations less than 30 days prior to scheduled date of arrival will be given a refund only if the home is re-rented. Payments for bookings are refundable only to the extent we are able to secure a replacement booking. If the property does not re-rent, you are responsible for the total rent of the house including all fees, taxes, and rent. Changes in rental dates or homes can be done for a $25 fee.  Refunds: Conditions beyond our control like; weather, road conditions, power outage, TV outage, hot tub problems or guest emergencies do not constitute a basis for refunds.
Dillon Beach Property Management reserves the right to substitute comparable accommodations, without notice or liability, should the home be out of order or unavailable.  When comparable accommodations are not available, guest will have the option of selecting from available properties at the published rate or receiving a full refund.
You are expected to care for the home during your stay.  This includes performing the required cleaning described in your information packet.  Should the home require extra cleaning or unreported damages are found, you hereby authorize Dillon Beach Property Management to charge your credit card for these costs.
Guests agree to hold owners and Dillon Beach Property Management free and clear of any liability for damage to self or property, resulting from accident or injury, or loss of enjoyment, due to power outages, weather conditions, defective construction, fire, theft, INOPERABLE appliances and/or equipment, hot tubs, etc. Dillon Beach Property Management will make every effort to ensure the house equipment is in working order. 
You will receive a written confirmation of the terms and restrictions of your rental home in the Rental Agreement.  Accepting this confirmation obligates you to adhere to these terms, including maximum occupancy for the property.   IF THE RULES ARE NOT FOLLOWED YOU MAY BE ASKED TO LEAVE THE RENTAL PROPERTY PREMISES WITH NO MONITARY REFUND.   The Terms and Conditions, Credit Card Authorization, Rental Agreement and Cleaning Instructions must be signed and faxed or mailed back as soon as you receive them in order to complete your reservation.  The Rental Agreement describes bed sizes and features of the home to assist you in planning your stay.
If your home has a hot tub, your use is at your own risk.  Rinse off sand before entering the hot tub.  Do not use any body oils or scented additives in the water and never sit on the hot tub cover ($400+ to replace the cover).  NEVER leave children unattended in hot tub and observe all precautions regarding use of drugs and/or alcohol.  Hot water is unsafe for pregnant women.  In the event the water is found contaminated in any way after your departure, your credit card will be charged to cover the cost of draining and cleaning the hot tub.  All efforts are made to ensure hot tubs are in good working order at all times.  Due to our remote location and the difficulty in securing parts in a timely manner, we cannot guarantee the function of a hot tub.  No monetary adjustment will be made for its failure.
 (See Rental Agreement for all other possible charges)
The minimum rental period is two nights except holiday weekends which requires three or more nights.  
Dillon Beach is a wonderful vacation spot meant to be enjoyed by all.   We hope you have a great vacation getaway and will return for many more.
I agree to the terms and conditions of the agreement as stated above.
Name:_______________________________                       Date:______________________


Check-out and Cleaning Procedures

DBPM does the customary cleaning but we respectfully ask that you clean-up any mess you or your guests have created. We do not expect to walk into a dirty house. *If this situation occurs your credit card will be charged at the rate of $35.00 per hour. The minimum cleaning charge of $140.00 (2 cleaners x 2 hours each @$35.00 per hour) will be applied. Please remember that you are responsible for your guests behavior.

Beds – Please remove linens and place them in a pile on the floor next to beds. Please replace comforters/pillows neatly on beds.
Leave all towels and wash clothes (wet or dry) in bathrooms.
There is a $10.00 per bed charge if beds are not stripped. Please place comforter/pillows back on beds.

Floors - Please sweep, vacuum floors only as needed. Please leave all sandy shoes and socks at the front door (Homeowners request)

Kitchen - Please wipe down kitchen areas used, remove all food from refrigerator and freezer and wipe out.
ishes - Please wash, dry and put away all from drainer and/or dishwasher. We often have change-overs and do not have time in between renters for the dishwasher cycle through. *There is a $35.00 charge if dishes are not washed and /or put away from dishwasher.

Hot Tub – Hot tub (if applicable) Excessive sand can ruin a hot tub motor, jets, and filter. Guests must shower and use foot tub before entering into hot tub. There may be minimal sand in the tub upon your arrrival, this is expected as no net is fine enough to catch all sand. Excessive sand is all the extra sand brought in by suits, feet etc. when people have not showered. *A minimum fee of $110.00 will be charged if tub is left in excessive sandy condition. *A minimum of $175.00 fee will be charged to your card if the hot tub is unusually dirty and needs draining at the time of your departure. Please never leave children unattended in hot tub area.

*Please Do not litter on property, including cigarette butts and dog waste.

In our efforts to be a "Green Company" we humbly request the following;

Thermostats -Please turn ALL heat off in everyroom. Some houses have thermastats in every room of the house. Please turn all off before departure.

Appliances -Please turn ALL off. – Do not unplug.

Lights -When leaving for the day please turn off all lights. Turn off all lights in every room and all outdoor lighting upon your departure.

Pet Friendly houses - We love pets! (Pets are part of our DBPM family.) To ensure our ability to keep allowing them in our houses please follow these simple homeowners requests: No pets on any furniture, please clean-up all pet messes, never leave your pet unattended in home or yard (barking, unattended dogs are a nuisance to our year-round neighbors). No wet, sandy dogs allowed in houses. Dry off your dogs outside. Please do not allow your pet to chase our very friendly deer.
* $75.00 minimum fee for excessive dog fur. We expect some dog fur on floors but not on furniture.

TRASH - If your rental dates fall on a Monday please walk garbage and recycling cans to curb. Make sure lid is securely shut. Take all extra trash out if lid does not close securely. Your Credit Card will be charged for extra trash left at house or trash blown out of can.

GREY Garbage Can - Please empty all non-recyclable indoor trash into grey can (including bathrooms)

BLUE Recycle Can - We all must recycle all paper, cans, bottles and plastic containers. The Garbage Company will not pick-up Recycle Can if trash is present. 

GREEN Yard Can - Do not use - No garbage or recycling.

Carry extra trash out - DBPM Maintanance Crew charges a*$25.00 fee per-bag if your extra garbage must be hauled away and/or if non-recyclable garbage is placed in the blue recycle can or green yard waste can.

*Check-in time is 3pm and Check-out time is 11am. Upon departure please:
Turn off all heat and electrical appliances,
Close and lock all windows, lock all doors.
Please return keys to the office at Dillon Beach- 3985 Tomales Petaluma Rd. Drop box to right of front door. At the Russian Russin River Call our office at 707-878-2204.

Call the office 707-878-2204 if you have any problems.
If the office is closed the answering machine will refer you to our after hours line.





Guest Agreement / Security Call Out

Please Read this if you are planning a gathering of any sort.


* I fully understand and agree that I am renting a house with a maximum occupancy.
The maximum a house sleeps (see your paperwork) is the maximum allowed in the house day or night.
I may not increase that capacity without approval from Dillon Beach Property Management.
I realize that each additional guest beyond what my signed contract states will incur an automatic $150.00 per guest fee charged immediately to my credit card and the extra guests must vacate the property immediately.

* I fully understand and agree that the beach house is for my quiet enjoyment and I am ultimately responsible for my guests behavior. I also understand that Dillon Beach is a wonderful community with full time residents and that all outside noise (including by the Hot Tub if applicable) must cease and desist by 10:00PM.

* I fully understand and agree a Security "Call Out" is $75.00 an hour. DBPM "Management Call Out" starts at $100.00 per hour. If we respond to your house it will be considered a first and final warning before an eviction with no monetary refund is issued. If the rules are in blatant violation of your signed contract you may be evicted upon our initial arrival with no monetary refund.
Reasons we will respond to the rental property if:
1. Too many cars (4 cars max day or night at any rental in Dillon Beach)
2. Cars parked on the street if in Oceana Marin (Cars will be towed at owner's expense)
3. Neighbor complaints for noise 
4. Too many people at property

* I fully understand and agree that no minors are to be left in the house unattended.

* I fully understand and agree - if this is a pet friendly house I may only have pets that have been agreed upon by Dillon Beach Property Management. I realize that any pet not agreed upon in my signed contract will result in an automatic charge to my card of $150.00 (per pet). I also agree I will not allow our pet on any furniture ($75.00 for fur on furniture and/or pet messes left on property) and will clean up any pet messes on the property.

* I fully understand and agree all agents of Dillon Beach Property Management have the right and authority to ask for our immediate removal from the property with no monetary refund if DBPM policies are violated.



                                         CREDIT CARD AUTHORIZATION



**Move-in Date:

Please fill in the information needed below, initial at the end of the two paragraphs and sign on the signature line. This information must be provided in order to complete your reservation.

Credit Card #: (On File)

Expiration:(On File) 3 number Code on back of card (On File)

**Name appearing on card:_______________________________________


I hereby authorize Dillon Beach Property Management to charge the rental amount owed to the above listed credit card number.

I am providing my credit card number as a guarantee. I agree to pay all rent and/or any outstanding long distance phone charges, Wifi charges, and accept all liability for any damage beyond normal wear and tear during the term of my rental dates with Dillon Beach Property Management. I also agree to remit payment for violating the rental occupancy clause which states the number a house sleeps is the maximum day or night.

I understand that should any of the above problems occur, these costs will be charged to my credit card.



**Cardholder’s signature:____________________________ Date: _________________ 


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